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Plan & Design
Think ahead.
From acquisition to growth to retention, mail can target your customers and build strong relationships. Everything goes smoothly when you plan your mailing ahead of time. Here’s all the information you’ll need to develop and execute a successful, cost-efficient mailing.
Marketing Mail
Reach your target audience and optimize your customer relationships.

Create Your Own Mailing
Tools & Resources for Direct Mail
Learn about Direct Mail
Get Help Creating Your Mailing
Customized MarketMail®
Maps (ZIP Code/Carrier Route Maps)

Learn the Basics
Get all the facts and basics on how to develop a business mailing.

Business Mail 101
Mailpiece Design
Business Mail Manuals
Domestic Prices & Fees
International Prices & Fees
Get Advice from Your Local USPS Staff

Save Money
Use your resources! Our informative manuals and product guides help you choose the right mailing options for your needs.

Discount Mailing Services
Packages and Shipping
IT Software Tools (for discounts)
Shipping Consolidator Information
Residential Delivery Indicator™

Postage Resources
There are many different ways to send mail. Learn about them here.

Postage Options
Precanceled Stamps
Permit Imprint
Postage Meters
PC Postage®

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Postal Explorer®
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make the Postal Explorer your next stop. Here you can search by keywords to find the USPS mailing information you need.

Full-Service Certification (FSC)
Check out our Domestic Mail Manual for more money-saving ideas, and lots of other information, on the domestic front.

Shipping Supplies
Order your shipping supplies online!

Business Forms
Conduct Postal business from your office. Check out the business forms page for a wide variety of forms.

Online Mailing Services
The Postal Service offers several online services that combine the speed of the Internet with the effectiveness of traditional mail.

Mail Service Providers
Mail service providers save you time by doing all or part of the work for you.

How to Prepare and Send Confirm® Mail
To use Confirm effectively, you must plan several important details about your mailings.

A convenient and fast way to order large quantities of stamps for your business. Learn more. PDF | TXT