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Learn more about cost-effective ways to pay for and print postage.

  • Small businesses shipping a few packages can print and pay for postage online. With your free account, you can access the enhanced Click-N-Ship® experience.
  • Larger shippers can apply for a permit imprint and save money with special pricing.
  • Other convenient postage options are postage meters, precanceled stamps, and custom stamps.
  • USPS® and third-party vendors also offer a variety of ways to track and pay for postage.

Print Postage from Your Computer

See 2 of the most convenient shipping services to get postage for your mail and packages. With just a few clicks, you can set shipping preferences and print postage labels from your home or office.

Print Labels Online with Enhanced Click-N-Ship

With your free account, you can pay for postage and print just one label or a batch of shipping labels online. The enhanced Click-N-Ship experience includes bulk editing, file upload, and other features for managing more packages. Plus, all customers save on shipping with lower Commercial Rates. Businesses can get additional savings on select services by opting in to the Business Rate Card.

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Download Click-N-Ship Business Pro

Use our free downloadable desktop software to document and pay for postage via electronic manifest files. Manage your volume shipping with database integration, built-in tracking, and reporting tools. Register or sign in to the Business Customer Gateway (BCG), create your payment account, and then you can download the software to your computer.

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Calculate Postage Correctly

Save Time by Doing It Right

Make sure you round the weight of your package up to the nearest pound or ounce to avoid underpayment and delaying delivery.

For example, if your package weighs 3 lbs 4 oz, it would be charged at the 4 lb-rate. However, if you have a lightweight USPS Ground Advantage® package that weighs 5 oz, you’ll pay the 8 oz-price (based on the available pricing increments: 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, and 15.999 oz).

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See USPS mailing and shipping services and the different ways to pay for and print postage.

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Ways to Print Postage

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USPS Picture Permit Indicia

USPS Picture Permit® indicia (PPI) allows organizations to customize the Permit Imprint Indicia on First-Class Mail® postcards and letters, and USPS Marketing Mail® letters by incorporating their organization logo, brand image, or trademark.

Image of Picture Permit Indicia envelope

How It Works

Easily register your PPI in Business Customer Gateway (BCG), submit your customized PPI design mailpiece, and monitor the review status on the BCG Dashboard. Once we approve your design, you can start entering your mailpieces into the USPS mailstream.

NOTE: You must have a permit to register for Picture Permit Indicia. Complete the Application for Picture Permit.

Register for PPI
  1. Log in to Business Customer Gateway and select Register for PPI.
  2. Upload a PDF copy of the addressed mailpiece showing the actual envelope or postcard with its dimensions, barcode, barcode clear zone, and proposed PPI design.
  3. Select Submit and monitor your review status from the BCG Dashboard.

Register Online
Picture Permit Indicia Details

Have more questions?

Browse Picture Permit FAQs

Contact the USPS Picture Permit Indicia Program Office

Postage Meter Printing

A postage meter prints postage directly onto your mail or onto a meter tape. Postage meters can be used for all mail services except Periodicals.

Image of Picture Meter Printing envelope

How It Works

Apply for a Permit

There are special markings required for bulk mailings that can be applied with your meter stamp.

PS Form 3615 to Apply for a Permit PDF (2 MB)

Pay Annual Fees

The annual mailing fee allows you to send bulk mailings from one Post Office for 1 year. The mailing fee is separate from the application fees and postage.

Get a Postage Meter

Postage meters are only available from authorized providers. Vendors set service and leasing fees.

Disclaimer: The Postal Service® does not endorse any company or product not offered by the Postal Service, including the advertisers on this web page.

Permit Imprints

If you're a large volume mailer using a permit imprint to make postage payments, you don't have to buy postage in advance, reset your meter, or affix stamps. Simply print postage information in the upper right corner of the mailpiece and only pay for postage when mailings are sent.

Image of Picture Permit Indicia envelope

How It Works

Apply for a Permit

You must apply for a permit to use permit imprint.

PS From 3615 to Apply for a Permit PDF (2 MB)

Pay Permit and Annual Fees

The annual mailing fee allows you to make commercial mailings from one Post Office for 1 year. This fee is separate from the permit imprint application fees and postage and fees for the mailpiece.

Permit Imprint Fee Information

Design & Mailing Requirements

When designing your permit imprint, be sure to follow USPS formatting guidelines. Indicia formats vary by mail class.

Examples of Indicia Formats

Mailing Requirements

  • Have at least 200 mailpieces or 50 lbs with each piece weighing the same.
  • Create a mailing at least once every 2 years to keep permit account active.
  • Do not hand-draw or use typewritten Permit Imprint Indicia on mailpieces.
  • Mailpieces must be delivered to a Post Office or Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU).

Additional Permit Imprints Details

Precanceled Stamps

Using precanceled stamps is an easy way to get started with bulk mailing.

Image of Precanceled stamp on envelope

How It Works

Apply for a Permit

There is no application fee associated with the permit. After you receive your permit number and receipt, you’ll be able to purchase and use precanceled stamps.

Download PS Form 3615 PDF (2 MB)

Prepare Postage Statement

Fill out a postage statement to determine how much postage you owe when you drop off your mail at the Post Office.

Pay for Stamps Used

Establish an advance deposit account to pay for the postage you owe on your precanceled stamp mailings.

  • Mailpiece must have a complete domestic return address in the upper-left corner.
  • Precanceled stamps must be placed in the upper right corner of the mailpiece.
  • Mail with precanceled stamps must be brought to the Post Office where you have your permit.
  • You can’t return unused stamps to the Post Office.

Precanceled Stamps Details and Examples

Ways to Pay for Postage

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit & Debit

Pay directly from your bank account and ensure you have the necessary postage for large volume mailings. Use ACH for permit imprints and postage meter resetting.

How It Works

You can either prefund your postage (ACH Credit) or fund your postage on-demand (ACH Debit). You’ll need to contact your bank to specify how you’d like to pay for your postage.

For PC Postage®, contact your PC Postage company and ask for PostageNow® (specify ACH Debit).

To use ACH Credit for Permit Imprints, you’ll need to establish a PostalOne!® Postage Payment Account.

Set Up a PostalOne! Account

To reset your postage meter, call your meter company and initiate an ACH Credit or ACH Debit.


Use for postage purchases greater than $25,000. Fund your postage or permit account with money transferred from your bank account.

How It Works

To use Fedwire®, you’ll need to establish a PostalOne!® Postage Payment Account.

Set Up a PostalOne! Account

Contact your bank to initiate a Fedwire payment

You’ll need the following information for each wire payment:

  • PostalOne! Postage Payment Account bank account number and routing transit number
  • Payment amount
  • PostalOne! Postage Payment Account number

Ecommerce Discounts & Benefits

Through the USPS Connect® eCommerce program, platforms and marketplaces can get direct access to discounted USPS pricing and other benefits to offer their merchants and online sellers.

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Approved PC Postage® Providers

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